Preschoolers tend to develop a learning style of their own. Our preschool classrooms will offer the opportunity for children to use materials in a variety of different manners to enhance specific learning styles. Children at this age still learn through play and are most responsive to activities in which they are involved in a “hands-on” manner. Our teachers accept that and design their classroom spaces with “interest areas” at which children can freely choose whether to participate or not and for how long. Young children seem to learn best when trained teachers build on the interests and abilities of the children. This endorses non-pressured, child-centered activities guided by an adult with a solid child development base and strong problem-solving skills. In such a program, parents/guardians truly become partners with the professional staff. Information or discoveries about the child’s development are mutually shared, resulting in a program tailored to the individual child. Children are given to freedom to explore with the staff supervising by sight at all times.

The preschool curriculum includes interest areas centering on language and reasoning skills through dramatic play, science, math, literacy, music, art, and large and small motor development. Our curriculum also reflects all of our students and family values, beliefs, experiences, and language. An enrichment program that includes field trips and visitors is offered.
Typical Day
Preschoolers will be introduced to a more structured learning environment. Children will arrive in the morning and encouraged to engage in free play while meeting and greeting their teachers and fellow students. Children will then be engaged in Circle Time, this time will introduce the plan for the day and allow the students to participate in a large group activities. Through-out the morning theme based small group activities will be planned for the children to explore as well as time outdoor play or a gross motor activity. Children will have a family style lunch and prepare for rest time. After children have rested, interest areas will be open for children to explore and again outdoor play or a gross motor activity will occur.
Tools For Learning
As Preschooler become more independent and responsible for belongs, children are encourage to bring a backpack for bringing and taking home notes, projects and art work. Parents will be asked to bring a blanket for rest and changes of clothes for the messy days or just in case during the potty training days. Daily personal hygiene and dental hygiene routine will be established so a tooth brush and some tooth paste need to be brought in to school.
Food Program

Crayon Campus participates in the U.S Department of Agriculture Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Pre-Schoolers are provided with breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.


Transportation is provided by Cross Transit Inc. and Sister Company of Crayon Campus. Transportation can be provided to and from the center as well as school. Cross Transit busses are equipped with age appropriate seating (including car seats, and booster seats), safety equipment, experienced drivers and monitors that are trained to assist with making your child’s transportation experience a pleasant one.

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